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Thank you for reading with care the terms of use (CGU) of the website before using it. By navigating on this website, you’ll agree totally to the following terms and conditions. In compliance with article n°6 of the law n°2004-575 of June 21st of 2004 for the trust in digital economy, the accountables for this website are :


Ministry of cohésion des territoires

20 avenue de Segur 75007 Paris

Publication director : Laurent Rojey, Digital executive manager of the Agence nationale de la cohésion des territoires


This website was made by Fréquence Écoles
Business name : Fréquence écoles
Legal status : Association law 1901
Activity : Digital media education
Headquarters : 8, rue Chaponnay, 69003 LYON
Date of birth of the association : 02/01/1992
SIRET : 38867128100060
E-mail adress : infos@frequence-ecoles.org
Telephone number : 04 72 98 38 32
Website : http://www.frequence-ecoles.org
Hosting : o2switch.fr from Clermont-Ferrand

Conditions of use

The whole content (texts, images, softwares, logos, brand, etc.) are protected in accordance with the dispositions of French Law and international conventions regarding intellectual property.

Under certain conditions fixated by more flexible licenses like free licences or open source licences associated to contents every reproduction and/or communication of all or a part of this contents to the public are submitted to autorisation.

Note : the whole deliverables co-producted within Numérique en Commun[s] – for it’s national and locals editions- are provided under the terms of open licences (Open Licence or Creative Commons) to ease their reuse by the most people. For every deliverable the licence is indicated.

Availability and description of the provided services

This website is normally accessible every time for every user. An interruption for technical maintenance reasons can be determined by Numérique en commun[s], which will do its best to communicate beforehand the dates and hours of the intervention to it’s users.

The website is regularly updated by the habilitated team members. Same thing for legal terms : they can be modified at every moment. Nevertheless we encourage the users to check them the more they can in order to know what they are about. We are doing our best to provide you the most precise information we can. However we can’t be accountable for omissions, inaccuracies or deficiencies in the updates, if it’s our fault or the fault of our partners that provide us the informations.

Responsability limitation

The content that is available on this website is provided for information purposes only. The presence of a link on this website does not indicate a validation of this website or of its content. It belongs to the internet user to exploit these informations with a critical eye and discernment. The accountability of the editor can’t be used against him if it’s informations, opinions or recommandations formulated by third parties.
The editor can not be accountable for direct or indirect damages inflicted to the user material while accessing the website, and resulting in the use of a material that is not adapted to the technical specifications, or the outbreak of a bug or an unadapted device.

Personal data

In the framework of the use of the platform, le Programme Société Numérique can collect and treat personal data concerning the users of the platform, but only in the goals followed by Numérique en Commun[s] : co-construct NEC’s framework with the actors of it’s ecosystem in order to answer the needs expressed by everyone.

Datas that you give us are treated by Programme Société Numérique (ANCT), 20 avenue de Ségur, 75007 Paris.

Processed datas
We process your datas that are necessary to the use of the platform and to the collection of your contributions : your email address, name, surname, job, structure.

Storage life
Your personal datas are stored one year from your first connexion to the website. They will be deleted once this time is complete.

Processing legal basis
Personal data processing is implemented after your approval.

Data recipient
Your datas are destined to the organizing team of NEC (Programme Société Numérique, MedNum, Fréquence Ecoles). Technical subcontractors, like Open Source Politics can be in charge of the storage of datas or notifications and emails sending and can also process your datas. Their access is strictly framed by Programme Société Numérique. They can’t use your datas in an other purpose than our mission.


Numérique en commun[s] respects french laws on privacy protection. In accordance with « la loi informatique et libertés du 06 janvier 1978 », you can, at anytime modify or cancel the informations from your subscription via online forms. Your personal information is confidential. Numérique en commun[s] is committed to protect them. You have the right to access, modify, rectify and cancel theses datas (art. 34 de la loi « Informatique et Libertés »). You can exercise this right by contacting us at the following address : angela@numerique-en-commun.fr.

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