Below, you will find the resources produced over the last 5 years as part of the Digital Commons event: videos, podcasts, national and local notebooks, didactic infographics, photos…

Do not hesitate to take advantage of it, to equip yourself, inform you, inspire you, share or deepen certain topics!

Of course, all the contents are under Creative Commons BY 4.0 license.

Edition 2021 — SOUTH CHARENTE

The NEC 2021 notebook

You will find articles, testimonies, and many useful resources on the following themes: digital inclusion, accessibility, open data, digital commons, digital mediation places, third places, cybersecurity, and so on…

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Edition 2021 — SOUTH CHARENTE

Reports from the NEC 2021 explorations

You can find the results of the collective work sessions organized during the 2 days of NEC 2021, to deepen 6 essential themes of the event:

sustainable digital
data & territories
— inclusive devices (in progress)
— design & commons (in progress)
— accessibility(s) (in progress)

Edition 2021 — SOUTH CHARENTE

The aftermovie

Back to 2 days of work, in the La Mercerie castle, summed up in 2 minutes!

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Photo gallery

Find all the photos from the previous editions of NEC, to relive the event as if you were there!

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All the NEC videos

Find the masterclass replays, the crossroads, the lives as well as the “testimonial” videos captured during the two previous editions of NEC.

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All the previous editions

The local NEC notebooks

The local NEC notebooks gather the reports of the different events organized throughout the year: discover the approaches, tools, territories and people who act daily to make the digital transformation of the territory as inclusive and sustainable as possible.

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Edition 2020 — LYON

The resources produced during NEC 2020

The 8 online courses proposed during NEC 2020, organized remotly in Lyon, have been documented: videos, fact sheets, situational analysis, reflections…
Digital inclusion in the territories
Digital pass
Digital inclusion at work
Places of digital mediation
Design and users
Digital ecology
Open data
Digital commons

Edition 2019 — MARSEILLE

The NEC 2019 podcast

If you want to discover or re-listen to the episodes of the « NEC + » podcast, created for the 2nd edition of the event organized in Marseille, click just below!

The 2019 podcast

Edition 2019 – MARSEILLE

The NEC 2019 program

Find the highlights proposed to the participants during the 2nd edition of NEC organized on October 17 & 18, 2019 in Marseille.

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Edition 2018 — NANTES

The NEC 2018 pads

There were many collaborative note-takings during the first edition of NEC in Nantes. Feel free to browse/skim them!

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Edition 2018 — NANTES

The NEC 2018 booklet

The first edition of NEC organized in 2018 in Nantes has been documented in a 100-page booklet. You can download it freely in PDF format.

The 2018 booklet