About NEC 2021


  • Nearly 2000 attendees during the first two events
  • More than 100 speakers
  • 60 editorial contributions
  • 30 stands and demos


NEC's purpose

NEC’s community is gathered around 3 missions :

Identify and gather

  • Organizing national and local events throughout France all year long.
  • Programming co-constructed with the actors in the field and built considering their needs.

Sensitize and train

  • Offering a wide and dynamic variety of formats in order to give a personalized path for everyone.
  • Encouraging debate and a variety of perspectives amongst a diverse group of attendees.

Spread and value

  • Taking action, thanks to the creation of solutions and tools, to support the 13 million people on the wrong side of the digital divide.
  • Shedding light on promising local, national and European initiatives.

Co-construct and empower

  • Teaching and empowering citizens to the uses and the diversity of digital tools.
  • Inventing and implementing new ways to act together.

NEC's audience

  • National and local government officials

  • Digital service professionals

    with a background or interest in digital commons

  • Researchers

    studying the uses, social inclusion and digital commons.

  • Professionals working on digital inclusion

  • Local, national and European elected officials

This year – more than ever – NEC wishes to bring together a diverse group of professionals in order to reassert the importance of building digital in common.

Supporting structures

Fréquence Écoles


Programme Société Numérique


Fréquence Écoles

Logo de Fréquence écoles

Fréquence écoles is a general interest association whose goal is media education. Its educational team explores the relationship between media and society directly on the field, thanks to thematic projects. They have developed numerous resources to defend education to digital medias in France and in Europe.

Curious of children and adolescent’s digital behaviors, the association reunites searchers,
information communication specialists, education and social psychology experts in order to conduct investigations about the uses of the Internet, the television, the video games, etc.

Programme Société Numérique

The goal of Programme Société Numérique is to promote the autonomy and ability, of each and everyone, to seize digital opportunities and to support the digital transition of territories across France.
The team is managing the national strategy for a more inclusive digital society. They act with regional authorities and local actors in order to structure, empower and accelerate the projects to create a digital society that is game-changing and inclusive.

La MedNum

The MedNum is a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest. It was created in order to support the digital transition of territories. Its purpose is to make digital technologies a lever for progress, efficiency, inclusion and empowerment for everyone in France and beyond.

It creates and accelerates solutions for the digital inclusion of 13 million French citizens excluded from digital tools. It acts directly alongside people that are digitally fragile and supports public and private organisations that greets, directs and educates them.